YAFF | Digital Bauhaus Summit
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Digital Bauhaus Summit

Digital Bauhaus Summit
From the Digital Bauhaus website:


“Digital Bauhaus Summit is the annual boutique conference for an international audience of creatives, researchers and anyone interested in new cultural formations. Updating the Bauhaus philosophy, we explore the political dimensions of design: from collaboration to social design, from Luxury Communism to modernism, from “High & Low” to this year’s topic “Learning Design”.”


YAFF was part of the 2019 edition of the Digital Bauhaus Summit in Weimar, Germany. During the two day conference YAFF questioned the problem-to-solution thinking that, through the rise of the creative industry, is seeping into the art world.
The first day started with an introductory lecture by Sebastian Olma about the academy as Übungsraum (practicing space). In the afternoon, a group of conference attendees joined the workshop What’s yyoouurr problem?!, in which the participants focused on embracing conflict, instead of rushing towards a solution.


The following day we presented our Declaration of Intent and shared our thoughts on forms of collectivity that do not exclude opposing views or disagreements.


YAFF wants to thank Prof. Sebastian Olma and Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology for their invitation and support.


Fotos: Thomas Müller Digital Bauhaus